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Dear Students and Families of Class 71,

Welcome to our class website.  I am so honored and excited to be your Grade 7 Teacher!  I am looking forward to an amazing year full of success and learning.  Together, we can all help and encourage each other to have fun, challenge ourselves and develop into the best possible versions of ourselves.

Thank you for checking out our class website.  You can come here everyday to look up our homework, ask questions, find missing notes or most handouts from class.  Please check our site everyday to make sure you have all of the correct homework written down.

Our website will be updated by all students on daily basis.  However, the Homework Updater, Tech Team members and Ms. Raphael will have a majority of this responsibility. 

Parents, if you have any questions or concerns please write a note in your student's agenda. We check them everyday, and I can contact you at a time that works for us both.  You can also call me at: 905-814-1729 extension 214.

Thank you so much for supporting your student throughout the year.  We will definitely all work together to develop and grow. 

All the best,

Mrs. Padda



                                       This years theme is:
                                    I AM...!

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